Do you know marketing is a basic process you have to follow for targeting the right person at the right time for your product?

In this article we will discuss how to follow this process step by step and enlarge best-selling strategy.

And this funnel is not only for selling, it’s also for customers after reaching you via marketing.

For effective impact we have to understand about following steps in details:

1. The fundamentals of marketing

2. Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing.

3. CATT Marketing Funnel

4. Integrated Digital Marketing

5. Personal Branding: Mass Trust Blueprint

So this article is for understanding this entire step in detail in a simplistic way. Let’s start with fundamentals.


· Marketing is all about putting your niche to the market place and presenting your product to the target audience.

· When you understand what your area to target is and understand what customers need it will be effective for getting positive results.

· For that you have to present your product to the right person at the right time.

· And you have to build trust so the customer remains for life.

· It will be easy if you present your product to customers with good communication because good communication helps understand your customer very well and it leads you toward positive marketing.

· This principle can lead you to become a successful brand.

· One more thing that makes your mind clear is financial goals. You have to set a goal and focus on it. So in your product category, you can become a leader. That will help you to become a strong brand in the marketplace. For example, if you are an investment adviser then you can become a leader in sub categories like stock market investing or real estate or something else like that. Here investment adviser is your category. Stock market and real estate is your sub category.

· If it does not work in a particular category, you can try to be a leader in the sub category.

· Now the question is what the medium is for this process. And the answer is all about our second topic itself. Traditional marketing and digital marketing.

· So let’s jump towards this topic and understand traditional and digital marketing in depth.

2) Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing:

· Selecting the right marketing type is a question on every marketer’s mind. So first you have to understand what are the differences between the two and which one should you use?

· Digital marketing is using digital mediums such as Google and social media as tools for marketing communication.

· Traditional marketing is using traditional channels, like billboards and printed media. Before the development of the internet, traditional marketing was the only type of marketing.

· Digital marketing medium includes social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), Content marketing, Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, SEO, SMO, etc.

· These are the digital mediums you can target your audience directly. In 2021, it is very effective if you market your product via digital medium.

· Traditional marketing medium includes Broadcasting (TV, Radio etc), Print (Magazines, newspapers etc), Window display and signs, etc.

· If your product has a very wide range of targeting then you can use traditional marketing medium. In India, Television has a reach of more than 800 million people, Radio has a reach of 65% of the population and Newspaper has more than 500 million people according to a survey report.

· So now you can easily choose which medium is effective to target your audience.

3) CATT Marketing Funnel:

· Funnel is an important process in marketing which can utilize your strategy for getting better results. CATT marketing funnel is a framework that can help you analyze your niche.

· Wealth = n ^ CATT is a formula of this funnel.

· In this formula “n” stands for niche. Understanding your niche is very important for marketing.

· “C” stands for CONTENT in this formula. Content is all about how you present your niche to your targeted audience. Create meaningful content and interact with people via different marketing mediums with that content.

· “A” stands for ATTENTION in this formula. Because of your content you will get the attention of people who are interested in your niche. Follow up with them and try to get more attention so you can improve your result.

· “T” stands for TRUST in this formula. After getting attention, build a trust between you and your audience. Trust is the most important part of this funnel because more trust means more positive results.

· “T” stands for TRANSACTION in this formula. Whenever you know people trust in your niche so now you can convert them into transactions.

· This CATT marketing funnel and framework helps you find out where you are lacking for not having enough transactions.

4) Integrated Digital Marketing:

· The above flowchart describes the process of integrated digital marketing. Here we can see each one integrated in this process.

· Quality and relevant content can generate engagement between brands and audience. But to generate sales it is not enough.

· Different mediums like search engines and social media where you can post your content. That leads you towards your audience. For that you can run ads or you can optimize on search engines (SEO).

· Also you can use email marketing for engaging with your audience. With this integrated process you can improve your sales results.

5) Personal Branding: Mass Trust Blueprint:

· Here I share with you a blueprint which is marketing strategy for personal branding. I learnt about this topic in an assignment for a digital marketing internship program by Digital Deepak.

· Firstly you have to learn about your niche. Learning is the first and important step to start. For example, if you want to become a successful digital marketer then you have to learn about digital marketing.

· After learning, start working on your niche. You can start a job in that field for better experience.

· Blogging is the best way to express your knowledge and work. So you can write a blog about your niche and it will help you in improving your knowledge.

· You can start consulting to share your knowledge with the people. With that interaction you will know how to improve and where to improve your niche.

· After getting experience about your niche, you can become a mentor for others and guide them to start their niche. For that you can start a new startup about your niche so you can expand your experience on a different level.

· Repeat this cycle to become better and updated in your niche.

So, here it is all about how to make an effective marketing strategy for best selling. Start with a niche and learn everything about it so you can understand how to target and how to sell your product.

Keep following this basic marketing process. Implement and update it every time so you can get the best result from this process.